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Beautiful HealthyStandard Poodles


 The standard poodle was originally chosen for its beauty, brains, and hypoallergenic qualities. As time went on, we learned more and more about color, health factors, temperament, and the extraordinary flexibility of the breed. A poodle can do anything. Our motivation in breeding has been to create the best possible puppy, including structure, Health, temperament, and beauty. We are selective and thoughtful about our breeding and selling practices. We do not breed dogs to develop pets, but to create the best possible poodle that can be found. We take our Standard Poodle breeding seriously and try to offer quality puppies for families everywhere. We breed Standards for the love of the breed itself with an understanding to better the breed for future generations. We are always trying to improve what we have and want to offer the best standard poodles in Maryland.   


  • All of our dogs live in our home, lay on our furniture, and sleep with us and our children who need a sleeping buddy. We hope to be able to offer you a beautiful Standard Poodle for you and your family to cherish and bring love and joy to your home as well. What is special about our poodles? There is only one litter per year, and our females are bred after the age of two and do not have more than three litters. Our dogs are Health tested OFA cleared before breeding and can be registered with AKC. Puppies are raised in the home with attention to all aspects of growth and development and go the new homes with a contract, including a limited one-year health guarantee and breeder commitment. We only breed Standard Poodles.   

  • All puppies are sold with limited registration with the American Kennel Club. They are sold as home pets only. The puppies are not sold for breeding.

How about full tales and Declaws?

              Our Puppies come with full tales and are not declawed. Unlike other dogs, Standard poodles are born with only their front dewclaws. Dewclaws act as a thumb to give them a firmer grip, and without them, poodles have a hard time holding items and provide them with traction, stability, and extra grip when they are running. There is no special care for them and are trimmed the same way as the other nails. Although there is no medical research that will be healthier with or without their declaws, we have decided not to remove declaws unless it is medically necessary.  


We do not dock tails. Amputating a part of a dog's spine because it’s fashionable to have a docked tail doesn’t sit well with us. We have owned poodles with docked tails, but we will not dock tails for our puppies. We have attached a couple of video links for your information


What about size guarantees? 
         Please take note that we can not guarantee the adult size of the puppy but would be happy to give you an approximate size based on the size of the parents. There are no guarantees of the exact size of the puppy as an adult. Charting is not always an accurate way to predict the size and can give a false representation of expectations. Pups typically go home from 8-10 weeks. Visits to see the puppies are welcome and encouraged! 

When you pick a  Standard Poodle from us...
You take home a puppy with instructions! PLUS: Food, a couple of familiar toys, a familiar scented piece of blanket, a puppy collar, a brush--and of course, our contact information! Also included is their health record, Microchip information, pedigree, health certificate from the vet, and AKC registration.

We are here for future questions and concerns: We are here for future questions and concerns: We are available to answer (or try to find an answer) any questions or concerns you may have for the life of your dog. We love to stay in touch with our pups and their families through pictures and email and share some of this on our Facebook group page: Or Instagram page:, and now you can make a comment on our websites on our Blog site or become a member its free. The link to our website is







Dewclaw Video-1 

Dewclaw Video-2

 Docking Tails

Please follow the link below for docking tails or ear cropping below

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