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See what this brings to the table.


  • The professional training platform that gives your dog a place to focus.

  • Looks like a table…works like a charm

  •  The KLIMB is the first professionally designed dog training platform that gives your dog “their place” to facilitate faster learning and better results.

  • Tested and proven by experts, this system uses an elevated deck to give dogs a platform to exercise, focus and learn the skills to curb unwanted behaviors. 

  • INSPIRE Dog Training Treat


    Pouch Where do you find the


    ultimate in convenience and




    Anywhere you're wearing this.



    Inspire Training Pouch

    SKU: 11
    • Durability and convenience with a unique snap-back closure. Not excited about stuffing your pockets with smelly treats or strapping on an overbuilt dog treat fanny pack? We weren't either. That's why our experts developed a slim and simple solution that makes it a snap to bring your dog training treats and personal essentials on your next walk, run or trip to the dog park. Designed by dog training professionals for maximum comfort, accessibility and durability

    Designed by dog training experts for: 

    • Faster & Easier Learning A proven system that keeps dogs focused during training.

    • Maximum Convenience Made of the durable, washable, and modular deck with removable legs. 

    • Lightweight Performance Weighs only 14lbs for portable on-the-go training. 

    • Built to LastWeight rated to hold 500 lbs. UV stabilized to last a lifetime outdoors.

    • Dimensions24x24x12 (with standard legs installed)Connect and stack for unlimited configurations Proprietary PawGrip™ surface for sure footing

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