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                                                                     Puppy Culture


  • According to research, there is a short window to stimulate, enrich, and socialize puppies to turn them into a well-balanced adult canine companion, especially during the first four months of the puppy’s life. Here at A&A Pinedale Standard Poodles, we do everything possible to provide the best care for each puppy during the first eight weeks of life and we typically have one litter a year or so on average. We use Puppy Culture for that and you can find additional information by clicking on the pictures.

  • Every day we handle each individual puppy and conduct a series of five different exercises. These exercises produce neurological stimulation early on that wouldn't naturally occur. This tends to kick the neurological system into gear earlier, resulting in improved cardiovascular performance, stronger adrenal glands, more stress tolerance, and greater disease resistance.   For more information, watch check here:

  •  The puppies are exposed to different sounds, surfaces, scents, variety of people, our adult dogs, toys, musical mats and balls, ball pit adventure box, radio and TV, flirt pole, tunnel, crate, house training, and grooming.

  • The Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test is performed by a third party to get an idea of behavioral tendencies and possibly how the puppy will turn out as an adult

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